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We value our customers’ feedback.

They tell us how the knowledge tool of their dreams should like like. And we listen. By adding new sources, curated documents, and new features. On this page, you can find the upcoming additions we are planning to launch soon.

Digibeetle public roadmap
  • AI Act (once published)
  • Data Act,
  • Data Governance Act,
  • DSA & DMA,
  • EDPS documents,
  • General Court case-law and the EUDPR.
  • Dashboard with instant overview of upcoming decisions, important document updates and dates
  • Filter documents based on legislation focus
  • Filter documents based on year
  • New source: LED documents
  • Save filter and refinement settings in URL while browsing
  • Improved display of timeline of case-law documents
  • Improved display of selected search filters and refinements
  • Filter documents based on relevant GDPR articles
  • Filter documents based on Country focus
  • Key topics in search results are now clickable and work as Key topic filter
  • New source: EDPB

…and much more

Feature requests

While we generally tend to prioritise requests from our customers, we also prioritise based on the number of people asking for a specific feature. If there’s a feature you would like us to prioritise, please leave a message in the chat or send us an email. We ask that you add a detailed use case for it.