The essential tool for legal professionals in the data space

Everyday we are confronted with an avalanche of new court cases and regulators’ decisions. How to keep up? How to make sense of it all. Recognize this?

As a legal professional you need to know what’s going on. And your boss and clients demand reliable answers. But how to find those in the data haystack?

Our mission is to protect you from the information overload.

Our mission

We’re just getting started

Digibeetle is the brainchild of Joost Gerritsen,
a well-known data protection, AI & robotics lawyer from the Netherlands.

Where did his idea come from and where will it take us?

When Joost started his law firm in 2016, he quickly learned how hard it is to keep track of all relevant developments within the area of data law.

Case-law, documents from various authorities, and legislation. You have to know all these things, but it is nearly impossible given the rate of new documents coming out. And what’s important and what not?

He needed a solution to the ever growing amount of documents. Nobody offered this. It was time to fix that. But how?

Luckily, Joost found Jan Willem Hoogstraten, an expert in web design and IT. They founded and built Digibeetle.

They have big plans with Digibeetle, because legal professionals in the data space have to be ready to deal with the legal aspects of AI, quantum computing and big data. We’re just getting started.

Join us in our journey to make the essential tool for tech minded legal professionals. Lets stop the fear of missing out. The future is bright!

For any data & tech minded legal professional

Digibeetle is perfectly suited for all legal professionals in the area of data & technology law. Such as lawyers, DPO’s, privacy consultants and privacy officers. They love to discover know-how to the benefit of their practice.

Academics also use Digibeetle. They learn about the cross-references and like how easy it is to uncover hidden knowledge.


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